Feast with a Chef
18th April 2015

In April 2015 I was invited by Clare Hargreaves to take helm at the cooker range for her pop up series Feast with a Chef based in a Village Hall just outside Bristol. We wanted to celebrate the fantastic abundance of local fish from the UK waters done in a 5 course Japanese dinner. Clare, with Feast with a Chef, is bringing high end cuisine to a lovely corner of the world, all at very affordable prices of £45 a cover. All this could not be done without the great support of our trusted suppliers who looked after us and our guests. 

Images by Stephanie Chadwick

Culinary highlights where the stunning dashi broth for the crab gyoza soup nurtured with great love by David and Clebson, the cherry smoked VAR salmon mastered by David and finally the Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream churned by myself. 

We like to thank all our sponsors for the great support for this event :

VAR salmon from Severn and Wye Smokery in Gloucestershire

Steve’s Leaves 



Annual eel release at Llangorse Lake at Breacon Beacons in Wales by Severn & Wye
25th September 2015

eel release 2.JPG

Fish Feast for The Fishermen's Mission at Melbury House, Dorset
17th October 2015

Fred Stroyan, the founder of New England Seafood, invited me and my team to host at this very special charity fundraiser at Melbury House in Dorset. Held in support of the life saving work carried out by The Fishermen's Mission, we were honoured to put together a 12 course fish feast for a selected audience. The menu was truly Nordic/Japanese/English inspired fare, using only the finest sustainably sourced ingredients courtesy of New England Seafood. Dishes such as mixed sashimi (salmon, tuna, hamachi & ikura), spicy tuna rolls, cured mackerel, tuna tataki, dill & citrus gravadlax and mussels in honey & dashi dressing graced the menu.


Danish Dinner at Vindinista, Acton
20th October 2015

On the 20th October my husband, David Wright, and I hosted a pop-up Danish supper at our local favourite wine bar, Vindinista. The evening was frequented by 25 local keen foodies, eager to put Acton on the culinary map! With wine selected by proprietors Paola and Mike, who also own the excellent wine shop, Park and Bridge, christened by locals as a snapshot of Brooklyn in leafy West London. The theme of the nights menu was traditional Nordic curing and fermenting techniques. Appetisers were a modern interpretation of pickled and cured of Omega-3 heroes - mackerel, herring and sardines. Followed by a starter of potted VAR salmon served with a homemade Swedish style rye and spelt crackerbread topped with a smooth pea and watercress mousse. For the main course crisp pork belly was served with homemade saurkraut and a Danish Christmas favourite; Karamel Kartofler potatoes (baby potatoes glazed in sticky caramel). The meal finished with an ultra light homemade buttermilk Panna Cotta served with burnt butter financiers. The wine pairings alongside each course filled us with joy, in particular the Austrian wine served with the pork belly - a true credit to Paola's extensive wine knowledge.