Sushi Classes across London

Billingsgate Seafood School, Classic course of a Sushi and Sashimi Master Class now running for its 9th year. 

This is how we roll! Unlock you inner sushi master! This course is an overall introduction to the art of sushi making with 3 key components to the class: Cook, Cut and Roll!

We start with the foundation of sushi: rice. After all good sushi isn't only about great fish, but also understanding how to cook the rice correctly, which requires attention to detail. Armed with my failsafe instructions, you will know how to buy, wash, rest, cook and mix sushi rice to perfection.      

The second component of the class is the technique for cutting sashimi and sushi grade fish with a focus on the most popular species of fish for sushi making: salmon, tuna and mackerel. You will learn how to trim down an entire salmon into sashimi and nigiri blocks, sample perfectly cut delicate sashimi and then cut your own salmon into nigiri slices. You will learn first how to fillet a mackerel to Japanese standards, then to salt and cure it to transform this unsung hero of the sea into a buttery smooth sashimi served on a Japanese style salad. La piece le resistance will be a beautiful tuna yellow fin tuna loin sourced that very morning from the best traders in the market, learn about how, when and where to find good quality tuna in the UK and most importantly how to handle this with the best care and attention.    

And finally you will be ready to roll, your own sushi, that is. We start with cucumber and avocado maki and an introduction to Japanese ingredients and a balanced construction. Once mastered we move onto inside out rolls with Devon crab and spicy tuna maki. You will master fancy rolls with crispy salmon skin and salmon as well as mould your own salmon and tuna nigiri. There is ‘free play’ time toward the end of class for you to experiment with your own individual style or request specific instruction on your favourite sushi.    

yuzu tofu and quail egg

NEW CLASS at Jenius Social, 21st of May 2017

Vegetarian Eating as a True Japanese

Join me for this exclusive vegetarian Japanese cooking class to celebrate Vegetarian Week, this class is suitable for vegans, vegetarian or if you just like to include more meatfree tasty options in your everyday diet.  

The class focuses on hands on cooking, technical guidance and includes traditional Japanese ingredients like edamame, miso, yuzu, mirin, soy and tofu. There will be sushi hands on part of the class making a great selection of vegetarian sushi using both white sushi rice and brown quinoa sushi rice.

The course last 3 ½ hours and all dishes made on the course will be enjoyed for lunch and any left over as a take away to be enjoyed at home.

The class takes place on the 21st of May at Jenius Socials fantastic cookery hub in North London, full details here


NEW Classes at Borough Kitchen: Evening Weekdays for Introduction to the classic art of Sushi Making

2 dates announced, 13th of June in Hampstead and 20th of June in Chiswick 2017

Bringing 25+ years of sushi experience to Borough Kitchen. Over the course of this 3-hour lesson, I will teach a small group in the art and practice of making sushi from scratch. Key skills taught will include:

  • Hoso maki: cucumber and avocado thin rolls
  • Ura maki: salmon with yuzu miso maki, spicy tuna inside out rolls
  • Nigiri: salmon and tuna over hand-pressed seasoned rice
  • Sashimi: how to prepare and properly cut raw salmon and tuna
  • How to prepare sushi rice and how to select the best fish for making sushi

Students will also hear information on the history and traditions around sushi and create enough sushi to feed 4 people to take home.

To book this class see full details here